VegWeek contestWe’re on the lookout for MEAT-EATERS (and dairy- and egg-eaters)! And we need your help recruiting them. Why not participate in our US VegWeek contest and see how many pledges you can gather from friends and family and through social media networks?

It’s easy! Our custom code generator below will create a referral URL unique to you. The URL will direct people to our pledge page, and when someone completes the pledge form from your referral link, we’ll keep track of it.

Follow us on Facebook for weekly updates on who’s referring the most pledgers, and on April 28, we’ll announce the top 10 all-stars who collected the most pledges from vegans-to-be for the US VegWeek contest. In addition to bragging rights, winners will get a prize package in the mail!

  • Please type in your custom recruiter name, which can be any combination of lowercase letters and numbers (no spaces, capital letters, punctuation marks, or other symbols please!). We'll create your customized pledge URL to share with friends based on your selection. Note: this link will be public
  • So we can notify you if you win.