Choosing vegetarian foods for seven days — or every day — is as great for you as it is for animals and the environment! Read the inspiring US VegWeek testimonials from our VegPledgers.

“Going vegan for just one week has changed me from vegetarian eating to vegan eating!”
Dwayne, Orlando, Florida

“It is so worth the change. So many benefits! It will change your life – maybe even save it!”
Nancy, Jacksonville, Florida

“Had a GREAT VegWeek! I organized a few events in my area, and they went really well.”
Dani, Dallas, Oregon

“The veg life choice was one that just seems to make sense. I felt like it was a seamless transition into a better way of living. Why didn’t I do this sooner!? I feel empowered by standing for something and am excited to make this a permanent change for the better!”
Amanda, Los Angeles, California

“I used to really enjoy meat, but after this week realize I can eat healthier and still feel full. And I feel better – lighter, more energetic.”
Sean, Saskatchewan, Canada

“It has been so easy. I am cooking as I normally do, but instead of meat I use beans or a meat substitute. This makes the switch so much less overwhelming.”
Shannon, Dallas, TX

“Thank you for the daily emails, they were great. I learned a lot about foods. Also great recipes and links to related stories. Great work to whoever compiled these each day.”)
Cynthia, Oak Park, Michigan

“I felt much better eating vegan for this past week. NO HEARTBURN! The first day was hard. But as the week went on it became fun to try new foods that I may have not ever tried before. By Thursday I was less hungry and craved fruit and veges instead of chips and dip. I will definitely be going vegan during the weekdays and eating a lot less meat, eggs, and dairy on the weekends. I have already made the switch to almond and soy milk in my coffee.”
Jan, Green Bay, Wisconsin

“In the beginning, I just thought it would be a healthy way to start my week. I struggled through the 4th day, but I did it!  Thank you, I needed this (you).”
Carmella, Shelbyville, Indiana

“I never understood what these animals go through, all the pain and hurt just for us to eat them for our own benefit. I’ve learned so much, and now I’m healthier and feeling so much better about my life. Making this change was the best thing I have ever done.”
Linoshka, Wichita, Kansas

“I loved the packet you mailed me – thank you for the coupons! I hope that new people have decided to go vegetarian/vegan! Since I just gave up meat in Jan 2013, I hope that I can ease into being vegan in the near future. Thank you for all that you do!”
Coyote, Whitmore Lake, Michigan

“Participating in VegWeek has been a really eye-opening experience. It was so easy to find vegetarian options for meals and I haven’t missed meat at all. Thank you for raising my awareness and giving me the opportunity to do my part for the planet!”
Heidi, Lawrence, Kansas

“Going vegetarian is so much easier than I thought. It can be challenging at times, but for the most part it came pretty easy. I am working toward becoming vegan…I feel healthier than I ever have. I wish I could convince everyone around me to make different food choices. I love animals too much to participate in all the suffering. Thanks for the help in making this decision.”
Chrisi, Orem, Utah

“Doing the 7-Day VegPledge showed me that it’s not hard at all to go vegan. After this amazing week of eating vegan, I will never go back to drinking milk and eating eggs and cheese. Thank you so much for educating people about the wonderful lives everyone can live while helping animals and standing up for their rights.”
Jessica, Southampton, Pennsylvania

“This experience was life-changing and fun! I’m more conscious of the foods I put into my body, and have never felt better. It has been a blast trying new cruelty free recipes! Challenge passed!”
Clare, Miami, Florida

“This is my second year to participate in US VegWeek, and this year was so much easier.  Everything came together at the right time for me to enthusiastically participate this time.  I started juicing and took advantage of the vegetarian restaurants in my area.”
Sue, Aliso Viejo, California

“Prior to this week I was mostly vegetarian, but would eat meat once every few months and consumed eggs and yogurt on a regular basis. This week has inspired me to go vegan and I am excited and motivated for this lifestyle.”
Emily, Detroit, Michigan

“As someone who has already cut out red meat from my diet years ago, I was interested in how a full week without meat or dairy would be. I cut out all meat and about 95% of my meals were vegan. I feel less weighed down after eating and still feel satisfied. I will be making a permanent change to my diet.”
Misty, Wichita, Kansas

“Thank you so much for US VegWeek. It was awesome knowing others were on this journey with me. Now, I just have to continue to work with my husband and 2 sons that vegetarian/vegan is the only way to go!”
Michelle, Gastonia, North Carolina

“I surprisingly found it to be not difficult only consuming vegan foods…I am happy to be part of a solution. For my health, environment, and most importantly, the animals.”
Hailey, Englewood, Colorado

“Although I have been vegetarian for 2 years, I don’t have many friends who are, so it is nice to get this online support and suggestions during VegWeek.”
Karen, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“It was nice to get daily tips and recipes. Even though I am already a vegan, there are plenty of temptations in this world so it is nice to have a reminder of why I chose this diet.”
Anna, Cockeysville, Maryland

“US VegWeek’s Challenge was a fun way for my family to go meatless for a week.  Our indoor pet potbellied pig reminds us of why we should do this!”
Vicky, Alto, Michigan

“After learning what foods are naturally vegan, it was all very easy. I love this life! It forces you to make better choices for not only you, but the entire world essentially.”
Tonya, Oxford, Michigan

“I have been wanting to live a healthier, cruelty-free lifestyle for a long time now, and this challenge gave me the encouragement that I needed to get going. Once I started I felt so much better about myself and physically, that it was easy to do.”
Karen, Addison, Illinois