Have you been thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan but are not sure where to start? Do you simply want to learn how to add more meat-free meals to your weekly menu? You’re in good company!

Millions of Americans from coast to coast — including former President Bill Clinton, talk show host Ellen Degeneres, and former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson — are standing up for their health, the planet, and animals simply by choosing vegetarian foods. To meet this growing demand, restaurants and grocery stores everywhere are increasingly stocking up on delicious animal-free fare.

Taking our 7-Day VegPledge doesn’t mean you’ll be skimping on flavor — rather, it simply means enjoying the vegetarian version of some of your favorite foods! After all, vegetarian eating is as easy as substituting tangy marinara for meat sauce, opting for black bean burritos instead of beef tacos, or enjoying creamy almond or rice milk in place of cow’s milk. US VegWeek offers a wonderful chance to get creative in the kitchen or when dining out.

Start here:

  • COK.net - learn about other Compassion Over Killing campaigns
  • NutritionFacts.org - fun 3-5 minute videos on the latest in clinical nutrition
  • TryVeg.com - online Vegetarian Starter Guide, meal ideas, and product tips
  • VegDC.com - hundreds of veg-friendly restaurants in the nation’s capital
  • VegGuide.org - international vegetarian dining guide
  • VegRecipes.org - dozens more free, quick, and easy recipes