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Nectar House Cafe

Nectar House Cafe

About Us:

Nectar House is a unique full service Cafe and Elixir bar specializing in day to night nourishment and vitality. Located in Kindness Yoga on South Broadway; by day we provide organic, living food, pastries, smoothies, tea, tonics and artisan chocolates and desserts. A tonic is defined as: pertaining to, maintaining, increasing, or restoring the tone or health of the body or an organ, as a medicine, and for pleasure… (we added the pleasure part!) To us there is no separation between decadence and wellness. By night we embrace you in a lush and welcoming lounge atmosphere that transports you to another realm. Our bar is non-traditional and serves no alcohol; however we ARE brimming with the most potent herbs, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods creatively served to elevate and magnify your capacity to feel amazing. Come, connect, and be… nourished.

VegWeek Deal: Discounting vegan options

We would love to offer anyone that comes in and mentions Veg Week to receive 15% off of their meal, discount not applicable on desserts or Juice.

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