For nearly two decades, Equinox Restaurant has been at the forefront of DC’s fine-dining scene. Chef Todd C. Gray & Ellen Kassoff Gray opened Equinox in 1999 to showcase their shared passion for food and hospitality that truly makes a difference within Washington D.C.’s vibrant culinary community. Every plate coming from Chef Gray’s kitchen tells a story of place, celebrating mid-Atlantic cuisine through sophisticated seasonal dishes and innovative interpretations of classic American cuisine.

Embracing the challenge of adding vegan cuisine to his menu at the urging of his wife and partner Ellen, Chef Gray has also garnered critical acclaim for developing innovative vegan fine dining brunch and dinner menus. Every Sunday, Equinox hosts its popular vegan buffet brunch, which regularly sells out. Chef Gray continues to innovate and expand the restaurant’s plant-based offerings, which now comprise 50 percent of the dishes offered.

  • Offering vegan specials (e.g. adding vegan dishes not normally on the menu)
  • Equinox is pleased to offer free falafel bites and a rhubarb cocktail to parties that are all ordering vegan meals.

(202) 251-9417
818 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, Virginia 20006