David Carter, Jr., Vegan NFL Player

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“Eating a plant-based diet is true soul food. I’m excited to work with US VegWeek on our shared mission to save the world. Join us by taking the 7-Day VegPledge!”

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Esther the Wonder Pig

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“I want to be rubbed like they do. I want to be loved like they do. I want to live like they do.”

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“As humans we have to stand up for our animal friends because they cannot speak up for themselves. Discover what goes on behind the scenes of the meat industry, stand up for compassion and join me in the US VegWeek. And the bonus? A brand new, healthy and radiant you!”

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Kayli, Rescue Cow at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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“I escaped a slaughterhouse near Phillie, but millions of my brothers and sisters aren’t so lucky. Could you please invest 7 days to try a diet kind to cows…and pigs and chickens too!”

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Aaron Simpson, Vegan MMA Fighter

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“Please go meat-free for US VegWeek and practice true compassion for all animals!”

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Nava Atlas, Vegan Author

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“I’ve been vegan for almost 12 years now, vegetarian before that for decades, and feel like I’m continually getting younger. Join me in VegKitchen’s mission: ‘Saving the planet, one plant-based meal at a time.’ Showing compassion toward animals, the environment, and your own health feels great, and the foods you’ll discover taste amazing!”

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Tricia Helfer

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Seba Johnson, Vegan Olympian


“It was determined I’d be vegan before I was born but YOU can sign up NOW to make more ethical food choices forever after. SIGN UP NOW – TAKE THE US VegWeek 7-DAY VEGPLEDGE! You can do it!”

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Myq Kaplan, Vegan Comedian

Myq Kaplan

“Ever wanted to go vegetarian but didn’t think you could do it? What if it was just for a week? Give it a shot! Believe in yourself. You can do it! And if you can’t, you’re weaker than a bunch of vegetarians.”

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Mike Malinin, Vegan Musician and Former Drummer for the Goo Goo Dolls


“I have been a vegan for about five years now, taking the plunge for ethical reasons. An individual can make a difference. I feel great, and I have completed several ultra-marathons, including a 100-mile run, on a plant based diet. It’s also simply the right thing to do for your health, for the animals, and for the environment.”

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Albie, Rescue Goat at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary


“Join the growing number of people out there who really care about farm animals… take the first step and pledge to go meat-free for 7 days.”

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Even More Celebrities that Support US VegWeek: